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Sede aziendale
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Visita del sindaco di Cesena  e direttore CNA

FAGOM, a company that operates in the sector of moulding rubber and rubber-metal technical components, was founded in 1982 by Bruno Ricci, as the culmination of decades of experience in the rubber sector.

In 2005, Raffaella Ricci, the founder’s daughter, took over the helm of the company. This handover has ensured continuity and new perspectives for the future, while keeping up strong ties with the “senior partner”, who remains particularly involved in technical consulting.

The firm’s in-depth familiarity with the specificities of rubber and its collaboration with specialized workshops allow it to assist clients with developing customized articles and creating the necessary moulds.

FAGOM provides services and technical solutions that are always in step with the demands of the marketplace, since they offer the quality, reliability and affordability that are essential to meet the challenges of global competition.


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Premio Giovani Imprenditori 2008
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..momenti di relax
 FAGOM SAS - Via F.Parri, 931- 47522 Cesena FC - tel/fax 0547-335401 - email fagom@fagom.it