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Bruno Ricci, FAGOM founder, technical director and partner, can boast decades of experience in the rubber sector.

After obtaining his degree in mechanics, he began his career by working for six years at the Montecatini research institute, dealing with EPM and EPDM elastomers under the guidance of Prof. Giulio Natta, Nobel laureate in chemistry.

In 1960 he took over the direction of the testing laboratory at PCBI
Philips Carbon Black Italiana—a joint venture between Philips Petroleum USA and Ravenna-based ANIC, producing carbon black for the rubber industry.

For PCBI, which now belongs to the German group DEGUSSA, he then worked as a compounder and customer service technician in Italy and abroad, intensively studying the formulation of compounds for various applications and the realization of industrial systems.

In 1982, he went into business for himself, founding FAGOM.



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