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The firmís in-depth familiarity with the specificities of rubber and its collaboration with specialized workshops allow it to assist clients with developing customized articles and creating the necessary moulds.

We can provide injection moulding, compression moulding and transfer moulding services.

Our production division is equipped with:

* Vertical injection moulding machines
(Rutital and Pirelli)
with 600x800 platens and capacity of up to 3500 ml 

* Compression moulding machines
with platens up to 600x600

* A sanding and coating division
to carry out rubber-to-metal bonding treatments in-house.

We can mould any kind of rubber and create items based on technical specifications provided by the client.

All phases are monitored in accordance with our ISO 9001 quality system.

The rubber and rubber-metal items we produce are primarily used for industrial vehicles, automobiles, fitness equipment, produce processing machinery, irrigation systems and, in more general terms, for types of machinery that require anti-vibration systems, pads, rollers, gaskets, etc.


FAGOM SAS - Via F.Parri, 931- 47522 Cesena FC - tel/fax 0547-335401 - email fagom@fagom.it